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Chuck J. Marsh holds over 20+ years seasoned experience in the cyber-security sector both physical and electronic security.  His knowledge of best-of-breed people​, hardware, and vendor relationships cannot be beat.  Additionally, Chuck has a keen knowledge of relationships within major industrial security systems hardware and software.  Few can touch his impeccable credentials.   Also, Chuck has led and successfully won millions of dollars of SECURITY GRANT money for his clients.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Implemented VMWARE AND Xiotech SAN with fiber channel and 3 ESX hosts, growing to over 200 business servers at 7 data centers with 11 ESX hosts all ahead of schedule.
  • Forged long-term relationships with key decision-makers, developing a professional business case on behalf of SharePoint (SP) regarding the use of Intranet; introduced a branded SP site with well-organized modules to manage over 500 documents, workloads, reports, and safety incidents at client facilities.
  • Oversaw implementation of business processes at the SP site with replicated SQL servers and front ends to handle a surplus of users, increasing users  by 30% in less than a year of service at his client.
  • Orchestrated the development of Cisco wireless at client facilities that currently handles 30+ Access Points and applied Cisco Wireless  at his client to manage complex warehouse bar codes and wireless devices
  • Developed the first Cisco voice solution at his client's Geismar facility and led the implementation of a full call manager at the corporate facility and many locations.
  • Headed the relocation of client's corporate office of over 90 employees to new office opened several thousand miles apart.
  • Supervised the reconnection of WAN topology and assembly of equipment destroyed in Katrina
  • Standardized desktop imaging processes, significantly improving quality across multiple business sectors
  • Led the launch of Microsoft Deployment toolkit, enhancing image time and agnostic capacity
  • Managed the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, overseeing critical security updates