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Datatek, Inc
9605 Jefferson Hwy, Suite I-118
New Orleans, LA 70123 USA
(504) 322-7705 office
1-800-856-6914 toll free
(504) 613-6550 fax

Federal Employer Tax #:  46-1238097


​Notes from Joey Auer, President:  Due to my holding the highest United States civilian Top Secret clearance, we are bound under NDA not to disclose details of our federal projects.  Joey Auer can say our experience ranges from computer security, cyber-security, physical security, and industrial control system(s) security.

SECUR​ITY:  Our CSO Chuck Marsh holds over 20+ years seasoned experience in the cyber-security sector both physical and electronic security.  His knowledge of best-of-breed people​, hardware, and vendor relationships cannot be beat.  Additionally, Chuck has a keen knowledge of relationships within major industrial security systems hardware and software.  Few can touch his impeccable credentials. 

ENTERPRISE WIRELESS:<- click for publi​cation
Ole Miss University Stadium WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE implementation C-Spire Wireless contracted to Datatek, Inc. From project design, Xirrus hardware, deployment, and "brown-out" detection installed on employee cell phones to report to our headquarters.